Coronavirus Update - 20th April 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are currently closed. Thank you everyone for all your support and messages recently.

Although we are closed, we haven’t disappeared! Keep in touch with us on social media. Gemma is posting regular recipes on Instagram & Facebook.

Also sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of each page on our website.

If you have any enquiries while we are closed please call 01986 893103 - we are regularly checking the answer machine messages.

Take care of yourselves.

Close Notice

Menu: Hot Drinks Scones & Cakes

Scones & Cakes - Served All Day

A Tempting Selection of Cakes baked by our team of chefs.
There is a vegan cake on the counter as well as one with no gluten & no dairy.

Freshly Baked Fruit/Cheese Scone
with Butter £2.70
with Butter & Earsham Street Café Jam £3.20
with Butter, Earsham Street Café Jam & Clotted Cream £3.90

Earsham Street Cream Tea- A pot of tea or cup of coffee along with a Freshly Baked Fruit Scone, butter, Earsham Street Café Jam and Clotted Cream £6.10

Savoury Tea- A pot of tea or cup of coffee along with a Freshly Baked Cheese Scone, butter, Earsham Street Café Chutney and local cheese £6.10

Hot Drinks

Coffee (Rainforest Alliance, Fair trade & Organic)
Regular Coffee £2.40
Cappuccino £2.70
Latte £2.70
Flat White £3.20
Espresso Single/ Double £2.10/£2.60

Extra shot of coffee 50p
Add a flavoured syrup - choose from Vanilla, Hazelnut and Bitter Orange 40p

Hot Chocolate £2.95 with whipped cream £3.55
Hot Chocolate with Brandy £4.45 Orange Hot Chocolate £3.35

Mocha £3.20

Traditional - Pot for 1/Pot for 2 £2.30/£4.05
Earl Grey - Pot for 1/Pot for 2 £2.45/£4.15

Novus Tea A line of high quality, whole-leaf teas, inspired by the centuries old tradition of afternoon tea £2.45
Choose from Egyptian Mint, Citrus Chamomile, Wild Encounter (Fruit) or Green

Oat Milk & Alpro Soya milk (sustainably sourced soya) and decaffeinated tea & coffee are available